We are ISO 9001-2015 certified
PK Precision is dedicated to providing components for customers across an array of industries. With over 50 years of experience, our shop is equipped to handle any request to fulfill your needs. Whether it is standard or custom orders, with PK Precision, quality is our guarantee.
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about us

PK Precision Machining was founded in Wayne, New Jersey in 1991. What started as one man working in his basement has transformed to a team of specialized machinists operating out of our 7,000 square foot facility, in our current location at 7 Mathews Ave, Riverdale, NJ, 07457. Owners Ken Androvich Jr. & Steve Galik have mastered their trade after many years of training from the previous owner Kenneth Androvich Sr. Ken and Steve have taken the shop to a new level, transforming it from a small quantity electronic fastener shop to a highly versatile shop that produces both large and small specialty products.

As a certified ISO 9001-2015 company, PK Precision is dedicated to providing components for customers across an array of industries. With over 50 years of experience, our highly skilled machinists have the versatility to adapt our standard products to suit your needs or fabricate items based on custom specifications, all machined to the highest quality standards within the industry. In addition to offering citric passivation and First Article Inspection in-house, our network of approved and certified suppliers can cover all of your finishing needs, such as: plating, heat treating, and grinding. With products that are frequently used by leaders in the automotive, military, aerospace, agriculture, construction, marine, and transportation sectors, our streamlined process ensures that our clients always receive the quickest turnaround and best quality for any order, small or large.

standard products


Primarily used in PC board assembly and sheet metal applications, this line of standoffs and spacers are used to facilitate ease of assembling. These pieces align with an existing hole to ensure your threaded parts mate correctly with corresponding panels.


Featuring a wide array of customizable dimensions, shoulder screws excel at holding objects together at exact positions. These screws are designed for use in parts which require a mounting pin, joint, shaft, dowel, pivot, or sliding motion. Their flexibility in design allows them to be modified for any of a client’s requirements.


In order to create space between two objects or properly position them, many people turn to standoffs. These parts are typically favored in the world of electronic components and electronic hardware, where space can be at a premium with circuit boards, panels, doors or gears.


Also known as ground studs, these parts are often a better alternative to standard bolts. The low-profile head can allow the studs to be mounted closer to the surface, while the knurl gives a tighter fit that conveys better stability in applications.


Clear Hole Spacers are typically small, hollow tubes positioned between two surfaces, for the purpose of enabling a bolt or screw to pass through it. A spacer creates a clearance gap and will spin until the screw is tightened.


Captive panel screws are fabricated with an unthreaded portion of shaft, normally closest to the head. In doing this, the screw stays in place with the aid of a washer that is used on the opposite side of the panel. Their corresponding retainers are cylindrical in shape and help the screw maintain position.


Double Ended Male Knurled Studs are threaded fasteners that have a thread on both ends with an unthreaded portion in the middle of the fastener. These pieces are commonly used to hold two or more parts together. One or both can be knurled, which allows them to be press fitted in stability critical applications.


Socket Head Shoulder Screws are mechanical fasteners that can be screwed into one part while providing a free rotation pin joint connection with another part. Their socket heads are able to withstand high torque tightening with a limited clearance.


Shoulder washers, sleeve bushings, or flanged bushings are extremely versatile products. Shoulder washers insulate a screw, rivet, or wire from an assembly or can be inserted into a housing to provide a bearing surface for rotary applications. The flange on the shoulder washer is used to positively locate the bushing when it is installed or to provide a thrust bearing surface.


When looking for an inexpensive method of spacing or mounting electronic circuit boards and electronic components, swage standoffs are a popular option. Once installed, they become a permanent fixture of the board, simplifying further assembly. Force is used to install these parts, most commonly with an arbor press or punch presses. For rivet type installation, an ordinary drilled or punched hole, of the correct diameter, is adequate. When planning to swage, installation holes must be countersunk to maximize contact surfaces. PK’s Swage Standoffs are available in both threaded and unthreaded / clear hole types.

equipment list

Citizen A16

Citizen L20

Citizen A32

Custom Products

With clients spanning multiple industries, PK Precision’s skilled machinists are no stranger to fulfilling special requests in any quantity. We have the capacity to work from any custom print to help you realize your specific needs while maintaining the tightest tolerances in a range of material types and finishes.

Some examples of our custom fabrication abilities include:

PK Precision’s current machined materials include:

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