Part Specifications

"C"Rec. Knurled
Shank Length
.8 MM .0315
1.6 MM .063
2.3 MM .091
3 MM .118
4 MM .158
5 MM .197
6 MM .236
8 MM .315
10 MM .394
StSt1 303 STL4 4140
StSt2 304 STL6 1045
StSt3 416 ALUM1 2011
StSt4 17-4Ph ALUM2 6061
STL1 1018 ALUM3 7075
STL2 12L14 BRASS CDA 385
STL3 1144 StSt5 316


"A" & "B"
Thread Length
Round or Hex
Knurl Dia.
Drill Hole Size
METDEKS19501 M2 X .4 5 MM 6 MM .152 .145
METDEKS19503 M2.5 X 4.5 6 MM 6 MM .152 .145
METDEKS19505 M3 X .5 6 MM 6 MM .152 .145
METDEKS19507 M3.5 X .6 10 MM 8 MM .201 .194
METDEKS19509 M4 X .7 11 MM 8 MM .201 .194
METDEKS19511 M5 X .8 12 MM 10 MM .247 .240
METDEKS19513 M6 X 1.0 12 MM 12 MM .267 .260
METDEKS19515 M6 X 1.0 16 MM 16 MM .299 .290
METDEKS19517 M8 X 1.25 22 MM 12 MM .366 .358
METDEKS19519 M10 X 1.5 26 MM 14 MM .426 .417
METDEKS19521 M12 X 1.75 26 MM 16 MM .429 .422

Dimensional Tolerances

Thread Length
Thread Length
Material Size
Knurl Dia.
Hole Size
+ - .2 MM + - .2 MM Commercial Tolerances + - .003 + -.005 +.002/-.000


When installing these studs into a plate or board, try to keep the hole size consistant. If the hole is too large the parts will not install properly and can even be removed with out much force resulting in assembly failure. If the hole is too small the stud may become damaged, break, or break the plate/board it is trying to be installed into. These studs can be made without the undercut on the male threads to help increase the strength of threads and help protect them from sheering off. While we will make some suggestions to help make the project a success, these are only suggestions. Proper engineering and practical testing should be used to make sure that form meets function.

How to order:

When ordering or requesting a quote start with the basic code, add a material type(if hex put an H in front), add the c length, and finally add a finish. For finishes, specifiy if it is going to be commercial or if you have a Mil spec let us know and we will have it done. If there is a modification, be sure to put MOD and whatever the change is to be made. Below are some examples of parts:

You are looking for a M12 stud out of 7075 Aluminum to fit a 3MM plate without any finish.
Order part# METDEKS19521-ALUM3-3MM

You need to get a M6 stud 16MM LONG with a 5MM KNURL out of 12L14 steel with a Clear Zinc finish.
Order part# METDEKS19515-STL2-5MM-CLZINC

Your application requires a stud with M10 x 1.250" long threads, in a 1/4" plate, out of hex brass, with a black satin finish.
Order part# METDEKS19519-HBRASS-.250-BKSTN-MOD A+B = 1.250
If you have questions about this products uses or possible customizing, please contact us and we will be happy to help come up with a solution for you!

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