General Information:

Male press mounted knurled studs, also known as ground studs, can be a better alternative to the use of standard bolts. The low profile head can allow the studs to be mounted closer to the surface, resulting in a more efficent mounting process. It can be a completely flush mounted stud by either eliminating the collar or by counterboring the hole the stud is being mounted in providing the board/plate is thick enough to allow this.
Like all of our products, these studs can be modified to fit the needs of the individual customer. Modifications to thread length (B=.515), thread type (10-24 instead of 10-32), collar length (Collar = .075), and knurl length (C=.118) are possible modifications.

"C" Rec. Knurled
Shank Length
1/32 .032
1/16 .062
3/32 .093
1/8 .125
3/16 .187
1/4 .250
5/16 .312
3/8 .375
StSt1 303 STL4 4140
StSt2 304 STL5 4340
StSt3 416 ALUM1 2011
StSt4 17-4Ph ALUM2 6061
STL1 1018 ALUM3 7075
STL2 12L14 BRASS 360
STL3 1144 COPPER C145

Material Notes:

Need the strength of a grade 5 or 8 bolt but want it in a stud instead? Material codes STL4(4140) and STL5(4340) are ideal choices for these options as they can be hardened to the hardness required.
Note: These materials are only used as suggestions. Engineering tests should be used to determine if the product meets form and function desired.

Part Specs:

Shank Length
Round or Hex
Knurl Dia.
Drill Hole Size
MKS9150 2-56 3/16 .250 .152 .145
MKS9152 4-40 1/4 .250 .152 .145
MKS9154 6-32 3/8 .312 .201 .194
MKS9156 8-32 7/16 .312 .201 .194
MKS9158 10-32 1/2 .375 .247 .240
MKS9160 1/4-20 1/2 .500 .267 .260
MKS9162 1/4-20 5/8 .625 .299 .290
MKS9164 5/16-18 7/8 .500 .366 .358
MKS9166 3/8-16 1.00 .562 .426 .417
MKS9168 1/2-13 1.00 .625 .550 .542

Dimensional Tolerances:

Thread Length
Material Size
Knurl Dia.
Hole Size
+ - .005 Commercial Tolerances + - .003 + -.005 +.002/-.000

Recommended Drill Hole Tolerances:

For the best installation results, try to keep the hole the stud is going to be installed into as close to the hole size mentioned above. Generally speaking, keeping it to a +.002/-.000 is the ideal condition for these parts to install properly. I fthe hole size is too large, the stud will not hold properly with the possiblity of pushing out. If the hole is too small, the stud or the board/plate may break. To add better retention in a board/plate, these items could be welded or soldered providing that the items are properly prepared and that it will not affect any fuction of the assembly.

How to order examples:

You are looking for a 1/2-13 stud out of 7075 alum to fit in a 1/4" plate with no collar and no finish.
Order part# MKS9168-ALUM3-.250-NC-PLAIN
Looking for a 1/4-20 x 5/8 stud with a 3/16 shank out of 303 hex st. st that also needs to be passivated.
Order part# MKS9162-StSt1-.187-HC-PASS
Looking for a 10-32 stud with a .118 shank out of 303 round st. st that also needs to be black zinced.
Order part# MKS9158-StSt1-.125-RC-BLKZC mod C=.118

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